Kongero - Swedish Folk'Appella (Sweden)

Kongero - a highly esteemed, world touring Swedish Folk'appella group. A concert with Kongero will take the listener on a fabulous journey, an all-embracing Scandinavian folk music experience. Amazing vocal polyphony, groovy, intimate, and powerful. They've made 5 studio albums and will release their first live album in 2021. Kongero conducts well-received workshops and master classes worldwide and has published two Songbooks with material for workshops and choirs. A 3rd Songbook will be out soon. They also do collaborations with fabulous bands and choirs all over the world.

“This group is a revelation. The beauty of the four voices is equaled only by the pristine, flawless arrangements. They provide a stunning example of a marriage between the traditional and the innovative. This magical Swedish music very much deserves to be heard far and wide.” - Jeff Meshel, International Music Journalist


Kongero - Maijas - Live at Nordic Folk Fest, Denmark 2021

Maijas. Trad Finland. Arr: Anna Wikénius

Kongero - Den som Frisker - Live at Nordic Folk Fest, Denmark 2021

Den som frisker är och sund. Music/Lyrics: Trad/Emma Björling. Arr: Emma Björling

Mitt hela hjärta - Live in a Vancouver Livingroom

Mitt hela hjärta. Lyrics: Trad/Emma Björling. Music & Arr: Emma Björling

Massivet & Kongero: Vaerla Vaken